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Damers school in new book to cut plastic use

A new book to empower businesses to cut plastic use features Damers First School. The book by Amanda Keetley is entitled 'Plastic Game Changer: How to Reduce Plastic in your Organization to Make a Difference to Plastic Pollution'.

Our beautiful oceans are filling with plastic; devastating marine wildlife and disrupting fragile ecosystems. It is also threatening to become a human health disaster.
Plastic pollution awareness is higher than ever, yet most companies still generate too much plastic waste with their business-as-usual approach. This book inspires positive action with its five-step framework to accelerate business plastic reduction efforts, along with insights from five real-world plastic game changers, from a variety of industries, who share how they have done it too.

Plastic Game Changer is a practical guide for professionals who want to make a difference to plastic pollution. It will appeal to CEOs, HR leaders, Sustainability leaders and people at all levels who feel compelled to do something meaningful to tackle the ocean plastic crisis.

Damers First School were chosen to be a case study in this book for all their amazing environmental work the children were leading on across the community and the UK. This included visiting Westminster to speak to Michael Gove about the Deposit Return System, encouraging the wider community to recycle items that are not recycled by the curb side and leading the Plastic Free Dorchester Campaign Edd Moore, Eco Coordinator said we hope that this book will inspire local and national businesses to start reducing their plastic waste that they use. We hope that schools and youth groups will be inspired to learn from what we are doing and start up an environmental group of their own to help make the world a better place for themselves and for their future children.

"A forensic and incisive account of what organizations can do to dramatically reduce their plastic consumption." Sian Sutherland, Co-Founder, A Plastic Planet

"Straightforward, common sense advice to empower businesses to take action." Hugo Tagholm, CEO, Surfers Against Sewage

"It's time to get involved and make a difference. This book will guide the way." Martin Gettings, Head of Sustainability, Canary Wharf Group

Amanda Keetley founded Less Plastic in 2015 to raise awareness of the ocean plastic crisis and offer strategies, tools and tactics to empower individuals and organizations to transform their plastic usage.

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