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Forthcoming Herrison Hospital Open Day and exhibition of memorabilia

On 7th April an open day commemorating the former Herrison Hospital will be held in the Charlton Down Village Hall which previously was the Herrison Hospital Ballroom. Organiser of the exhibition, Dom White, called in to explain the reason behind it and give us more details.

If you have any memorabilia which you could loan to the exhibition please contact us on and we will pass on the details to the organisers.

A related topic is an interview from December 2018 with the County Archivist Sam Johnston about a recent grant made to the Dorset History Centre to catalogue the Herrison Hospital records.

Jurassic Coast Raptors – interview with head coach

Billy Heinrich, chairman and head coach of the Jurassic Coast Raptors American football team based in Dorchester, joined Rob Mott on the KeeP Driving programme. Billy explained all there is to know about the game and if you’re 18 or over this could be for you.

Visit the Raptors’ website for more information.

Also, the Jurassic Coast Raptors were featured in this edition of The Mayor On The Air when mayor David Taylor’s guest was Dawson Machetero from the USA who also coaches the team.

Martin Curtis, fossil fanatic and Tourism Superstar Award nominee!

We were pleased to welcome Martin to the studio today. Martin organises tours of the Jurassic Coast and is up for an award recognising excellence in the service he provides.

You can find more on Martin’s website , also Facebook and Twitter, and there’s more information about fossil walks on the Walks & Cycling section of our What’s On page, courtesy of

Proposal to create a Repair Cafe in Weymouth 18th Feb 2019

A new group is proposing to set up a ‘Repair Cafe’ in Weymouth and we spoke to Ros Dean who explained what it was all about. For those interested in getting involved in the project there is to be a meeting on Saturday 23rd February at 11am hosted by the Kings Arms pub in Weymouth which you are invited to attend.

There’s more information on their Facebook page and the email address is

UPDATED: Plastic Free Dorchester

  1. The Dorset Wrecks group from Weymouth welcomed students to the Prince of Wales School in Dorchester early on Monday 11th February by singing sea shanties. Lyrics to the tune of ‘What Shall We Do With Drunken Sailor’ were changed to ‘What shall we do with all this plastic’. The event was to launch the school’s Science Week, in conjunction with the Plastic-Free Dorchester campaign. Simone Greenfield reports and spoke to staff and parents for their reaction.
  2. Students from Damers First School have given a presentation to the Dorchester Chamber of Commerce meeting held at the Dorford Centre on 7th February. The presentation, entitled Plastic Free Dorchester, was to encourage local businesses to reduce their use of plastic. Rob Mott reports and spoke to teacher Edd Moore and some of the students.