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KeeP Driving Guests 5th – 9th Nov 2018

KeeP Driving is broadcast Monday to Friday, 3pm to 6pm.

KeeP Driving Guests 29th Oct – 2nd Nov 2018

KeeP Driving Guests 22nd – 26th Oct 2018

Included this week were a number of interviews by John Shepherd at the recent Dorchester Literary Festival (5 to 8 below)

UPDATED – KeeP 106 at the Dorchester Literary Festival

Our reporter John Shepherd has been attending the Dorchester Literary Festival and has spoken to these TV personalities all of whom have recently published new books……

KeeP Driving Guests 15th – 19th Oct 2018

KeeP Driving Guests 8th – 12th Oct 2018

KeeP Driving Guests 1st to 5th Oct 2018

KeeP Driving Guests 24th – 28th Sept 2018

North Dorchester Development – a KeeP Driving feature 24th Sept 2018

Rob Mott has been talking to Chris Patterson, spokesperson for the North Dorchester Consortium, about the proposed development of 3,500 new homes to the north of the county town. This was followed by a response from Tony Fincham, chairman of the Thomas Hardy Society.

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Comments can now be submitted to the NDC via email using the link below. The deadline for submitting comments is Thursday 4th October 2018.

Contact the North Dorchester Consortium

KeeP Driving Guests 17th – 21st Sept 2018