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Ridgeway Magazine 24th Oct 2018

  • Weymouth’s ‘hot potatoes’ are given another airing. The council refuses to back down over the plans for the Peninsula and we have views from detractors and the council leader who will also talk about the re-think on the east-west bypass to Portland…and the Esplanade lighting. Another petition that got nowhere!
  • World War One. Two musical items; we trace the history of the bugle coupled with the haunting “Last Post” – who wrote it? We all know “Pack up Your Troubles in your old kit bag” but there is a tragic story concerning the fate of the composers.
  • Gardening tips for October – tidy up!

Ridgeway Magazine 10th Oct 2018

  • Paul Atterbury live in the studio gives a heads up (perhaps that should be eyes down) on the upcoming Dorchester Literature Festival.
  • Sir Tim Smit, chairman of Eden Project International, introduces Portlanders to the plans for a world class attraction and gives Ridgeway Magazine exclusively his “no brainer” idea for another attraction on the Isle.
  • “Pet Patter”…vet Malcolm Welshman talks about his new book “An Armful of Animals” and gives us a peek inside it (see below).
  • Do children still pay conkers in this age of Health and Safety?  We report on how the “conkering” Germans have saved the World Conker Championships.
  • Littlemoor has at last got its new shop which sells food. Is it just what the locals wanted?

An Armful of Animals book cover‘An Armful of Animals’ is available on Amazon, and elsewhere.

For more information about Malcolm, and his earlier books, visit


Ridgeway Magazine 19th Sept 2018

  • The Weymouth harbour-side Peninsular (Pavilion) site. The council’s leisure focused plans, just announced, are derided by the business community. And is the site really worth millions, or not much at all?
  • We harness the views of the Weymouth Business Investment District, the Chamber of Trade and a developer.
  • A councillor accuses the council of not listening to the views of the townspeople and voting to go ahead with the unpopular plan.
  • We visit Radipole RSPB nature reserve and report 17 swans may not have been stolen or slaughtered after all. And autumn is the best time for bird watching.
  • We air the second part of the report on shared ownership – this time for the elderly in Poundbury.

Ridgeway Magazine 5th Sept 2018

  • Scallop Wars – a West Country trawler skipper tells of his experiences of being threatened and attacked by French fishermen
  • “Cyril the Squirrel” gets his moment of fame, as told by vet Malcolm Welshman in this edition of ‘Pet Patter’
  • We visit Mad Hatter day in Bridport and talk to a lady “sheep hatter” who takes biodiversity to the extreme. And no, she’s not mad!
  • Where do all the phrases with the word hat in them come from? We explain, at the drop of a hat.
  • One man (and his tank) who collects buckets of money for Help For Heroes – a report
  • Dorset is famous for collections of historical military vehicles. We find an enthusiast who rebuilds WW2 Jeeps from the wheels up.

Ridgeway Magazine 22nd August 2018

  • Why are 30 Weymouth b&bs up for sale? Is the town over-bedded? Many small hotels are struggling despite the summer sun.
  • Weymouth Council leader says the town’s crown jewels  (that’s the properties and facilities it owns) will not be nabbed by the new Unitary Authority. Really?
  • There’s a stink brewing about the new Esplanade unisex superloo planned for 2020. It’s the gender issue.
  • We hear about a Dorset charity called Mosaic which helps children cope with bereavement of someone close.
    Contact details: Tel 01258 837071, web –, email –
  • Six trillion discarded cigarette butts – dropping one could cost you up to £1,000 if you ignore a fixed penalty fine for littering.

Ridgeway Magazine 8th August 2018

  • Local democracy reporter explains the changes on the local government front  when Weymouth, Portland and Dorchester become a Unitary Authority…what does it mean for ratepayers?
  • What should I do about my frazzled lawn? Leave it alone! advises our gardening expert.
  • John visits Gibraltar where the pillar boxes are red and the police still wear helmets.
  • Small shops are suffering but Broadwey Village Stores re-invented itself when all seemed to be lost.
  • With 3,500 new homes mooted for Dorchester, how to get on the housing ladder. Shared ownership might be the answer.
  • About half-a-million UK drivers will face prosecution in France this year. The jolly gendarmes are waiting with a mass of new rules…be prepared and learn about them before travelling.