The community radio station from Dorchester
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Programme Schedule

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  • Friday 12:00 am
    KeeP Overnight
  • Friday 8:00 am
    KeeP Breakfast

    presenters include Geoff Atherton, Alan Downton, Mike Streeter and Clive Rawlings

  • Friday 10:00 am
    KeeP Mornings

    including Coffee Break Live with Peter and Heather Foster

  • Friday 11:00 am
    The Pirate Years

    with Paul Peters

  • Friday 12:00 pm
    Midday Special – Classic Rock
  • Friday 1:00 pm
    The Mayor On The Air

    with David Taylor, Mayor of Dorchester

  • Friday 2:00 pm
    Non-stop music
  • Friday 3:00 pm
    KeeP Driving

    with Rob Mott. Great music, special guests, travel and weather information, what’s on and local news. to get in touch.

  • Friday 6:00 pm
    Local World

    with Jenny Devitt.

  • Friday 7:00 pm
    KeeP It Brass

    with Mike Streeter

  • Friday 8:00 pm
    Taff Martin's Country Show

    with….Taff Martin! An production

  • Friday 10:00 pm
    Late Night Love music
  • Saturday 12:00 am
    KeeP Overnight
  • Saturday 8:00 am
    Saturday Breakfast

    with Kieran Williams

  • Saturday 10:00 am
    Music and information
  • Saturday 11:00 am
    Weekend Extra

    presented by Andy Senior. A great selection of music including tunes you may not have heard for a long time, or even ever, and this day in music history

  • Saturday 1:00 pm
    Saturday 70s and 80s Show
  • Saturday 3:00 pm
    The Saturday Afternoon Non-stop Musical Extravaganza
  • Saturday 6:00 pm
    The Noughties Show

    music from the 90s to current hits

  • Saturday 8:00 pm
    Get On The Boogie Train

    with Clive Rawlings

  • Saturday 10:00 pm
    Late Night Love music
  • Sunday 12:00 am
    KeeP Overnight
  • Sunday 8:00 am
    KeeP The Faith

    a selection of modern worship music with Kieran Williams

  • Sunday 10:00 am
    Geoff Atherton is The Keeper

    (at least, until 1)
    Great music with Geoff, including Double Dips, The B’s, Whistle while you Twerk and Kid’s Korner

  • Sunday 1:00 pm
    Super 60s Songfest
  • Sunday 3:00 pm
    North, South, East and West

    People, places and events with Mike Streeter and Peter & Heather Foster

  • Sunday 5:00 pm
    The Organ Show

    with Jim Davis

  • Sunday 6:00 pm
    Big Bands, Dance Bands and Jazz

    with Jim Davis

  • Sunday 7:00 pm
    The Sunday Pub Quiz

    with Anita and Rob. A team of four is challenged by a diverse range of questions set by Anita.

  • Sunday 8:00 pm
    Sunday Evening Sequence

    Heather and Peter Foster present KeeP It Choral featuring recordings of church, college and cathedral choirs, other choirs, singers and when possible local choirs and singers.
    Let’s Enjoy Music the shared music experience.

  • Sunday 10:00 pm
    Late Night Love music