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Ridgeway Magazine D-Day Special 3rd April 2019

In this 75th anniversary year of the D-Day landings we present a special edition of Ridgeway Magazine featuring interviews made during a visit John made to the D-Day landing grounds in Normandy.

  • Lord Danatt, former Chief of Staff of the British Army, reviews the military aspects of both Overlord and the failed raid on Dieppe two years earlier which led to Hitler’s order that commandos and Special Forces were to be shot if captured
  • Military historian Andrew Roberts reveals some of the ideas that worked for the Allies and some that did not.
  • Two young French people have surprising views on the landings – seems many French would rather not be reminded
  • Chris Copson, curator of The Keep Military Museum, reprises the important role played by the Dorset Regiment on D-Day and Dorset’s subsequent fight towards Arnhem
  • Keeping the invasion plans a secret…a local man tells us about an important relic of that period he discovered

Ridgeway Magazine 20th March 2019

  • Solicitor Katharine Jones celebrates 100 years of women being admitted as solicitors. Once the legal profession, all men of course, considered women not to be people at all. Therefore as non-persons they could not become lawyers
  • Weymouth sea front lights – we have an exclusive report on the future of the laser display. They think it’s all over – not yet for this local conundrum which seems to limp along
  • Would you pay £15 for a cup of coffee? You might do in London but not in Dorset as we hear from a coffee roaster, Nigel Green of the Dorset Coffee Company and Christian and Zeta from the prizewinning mobile coffee bar with a difference called Coffee on the Hoof
  • Cheesed off with your bank manager? An elderly customer writes to her bank and we read the letter which exemplifies the “Computer says NO” style of banking

Ridgeway Magazine 6th March 2019

  • Who wants to be a gladiator? Coming to Dorchester, a fight to the death! Full training given. Thumbs up to all that
  • Wrexit, by that we mean Weymouth joins the unitary authority in April. A county councillor tells Weymouth to wake up to the facts the town’s assets are going to be nabbed leaving it without an income
  • Those railway lines in Weymouth – should trains run on them again? Rail buff and author Paul Atterbury takes a rather unexpected view
  • In your garden as spring approaches. Some jobs to do with advice from Lucy our gardening expert and an idea for a lazy answer to weeding

Ridgeway Magazine 20th Feb 2019

  • The history of the theatre from Greek times to backstage at Weymouth’s Pavilion Theatre. An expert takes the stage and tells of the days when women were banned from attending
  • Filled in your self-employed tax return? You might like to hear of some of the more ridiculous taxes down the years from taxes on beards, clocks and hearths to hats!
  • As for VAT, there are some strange anomalies and some glaring inclusions
  • What are the chances of picking up a 60 year old magazine and seeing a picture of yourself? One listener did and tells us about her school’s experiment among its pupils in being socially responsible. It made the headlines in its day
  • Help is at hand with a craze said to be sweeping the country – the Repair Café movement is coming to Dorset.
  • In Pet Patter Malcolm advises ‘a little knowledge is a dangerous thing’

Ridgeway Magazine 6th Feb 2019

  • Mallams restaurant in Weymouth has had to close for good and owners Janice and Steve Gosson explain that it wasn’t just the devastating fire which swayed their decision
  • Alistair Chisholm is in the studio to talk about the ALL For Dorset movement which wants to banish party politics from local government
  • We talk to James Webb from the Priest’s House Museum in Wimborne about their collection of Victorian Valentine cards
  • Phil Say from Weymouth Pavilion tells us about the building’s amazing lighting scheme
  • In Pet Patter retired vet Malcolm Welshman recounts the story of the Cow in the Tree, an episode from his latest book ‘An Armful Of Animals’ (available from Amazon)

Ridgeway Magazine is broadcast on Wednesdays at 11am

Ridgeway Magazine 16th Jan 2019

  • Local Democracy Reporter Trevor Bevins warns things might not work out as promised with the new Dorset Unitary Council taking over from five urban and district councils on April 1st
  • Fifty years on; what made the headlines in 1969? The Moon and the Beatles to name but two subjects
  • The circus is not dead! There are 100 in the UK and a National Centre for Circus Arts with a BA Hons degree on offer
  • Local photographer and cameraman John Gurd records pantos in Dorset and streams them to children in hospital for no charge
  • Still with the circus – the story behind the John Lennon song “For the benefit of Mr. Kite” which featured on Britain’s most popular ever album “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”

Ridgeway Magazine is broadcast on Wednesdays @ 11 am

Ridgeway Magazine’s Pick of 2018

John Shepherd and Andy Venton choose some favourite items from the past year. We could have chosen dozens of others but time restricts.

  • There’s the one about Kate Adie’s ‘invisibles’
  • Famous tennis mum Judy Murray talks about her book ‘Knowing the score’
  • A story about the late Ken Dodd with whom John worked at one point
  • John visits Dubrovnik, film set for ‘Game of Thrones’, and continues to Gibraltar
  • Our resident vet Malcolm Welshman tells about the camel with a sore foot
  • Frances recites an Odd Ode by Cyril Fletcher about poor Sonia Snell
  • Sir Tim Smit talks about the Eden project for Portland
  • Gerrard Hoffnung tells us there is a French widow in every room….(yes, that’s widow!)?

Ridgeway Magazine 19th Dec 2018

  • Loneliness amongst youngsters – counsellor and psychotherapist Alison Moore discusses the problem live in the studio
  • The Robert White cancer treatment centre has recently opened and we look at how the centre came in to being
  • Restorative justice in Dorset is a year old and is already proving successful. The scheme’s co-ordinator explains

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  • The price of coffee beans plunges – the cost of a cup of coffee continues to rise. Are baristas ripping us off?
  • Our resident vet warns about dodgy doggy treats and dangers to pets in the home during the festive season
  • Christmas through the ages starting with the ‘cool yule’ and ending with Father Christmas and Christmas boxes