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Ridgeway Magazine

Ridgeway Magazine 25/03

In this edition: A warning about coronavirus-related scams • a chat with Lord Julian Fellowes • and an extended interview with Martyn Underhill, outgoing (in 2021) Police & Crime Commissioner for Dorset. Presented by John Shepherd and Andy Venton

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Ridgeway Magazine 11/03

Weymouth is looking to appoint a town crier and Alistair Chisholm provides some tips and the history of town crying • Our gardening expert Ruth Hayes gives more gardening advice • In Pet Patter our tame vet Malcolm Welshman's subject is…rats! • There can be danger in your gaming console causing misery as hackers steal your personal information. A cyber security expert tells more • According to Which? magazine two thirds of products bought on some online shopping site are unsafe, unreliable or plain illegal. Dorset Trading Standards explain and advise…


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Ridgeway Magazine 26/02

One in five people going abroad do not take out travel insurance. We talk to the researcher and give some prices for treatment – could cost hundreds of thousands of pounds! • The Campervan was introduced 70 years ago and five million were built. We look back and talk to a Campervan fan • With 80,000 visitors steaming into Portland port this year, the Weymouth Ambassadors are ready for them • A visit to the RSPB nature reserve in Weymouth indicates climate change is a reality for bird life • A trip down memory lane takes a fond look at … 🔊 Click here to listen to this programme…

Ridgeway Magazine 12/02

Florence Nightingale born 200 years ago was far more than the 'Lady with the Lamp' and why did she spend her last 30 years in bed? • Diamonds are a girl's best friend, but do you know if they're real? • Rates relief for small businesses announced, but will it help. Claudia Webb of Weymouth BID explains • Who remembers Teddy Tail, Pip Squeak and Wilfred while Rupert Bear is still with us after 100 years • Gardening tips and questions answered by Ruth Hayes • Congrats to 'The Diary' – 20 years old and still going strong when other … 🔊 Click here to listen to this programme…

Ridgeway Magazine 29/01

Our main feature in this edition is an extended interview with Ken Lennox, four times Press Photographer of the Year, with memories of Princess Diana, to war with Kate Adie and peace with Paul McCartney. Also Car Theft surprise – Dorset is one of the worst areas just behind Glasgow and Surrey. In 'Pet Patter' Malcolm Welshman, our tame vet, chooses fish as his subject…

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Ridgeway Magazine 15th Jan 2020

Gardening expert and editor of 'Amateur Gardening' magazine, Ruth Hayes gives advice • Should restaurants, bars and pubs charge for tap water? What is the law? • Weymouth hotels and guest houses reveal disappointing figures for 2019 • Returning unwanted Xmas gifts – what are your rights? • We look back a hundred years to 1920. And in the last 50 years, what 'must have' items are now obsolete? • Looking to the future what jobs are likely to disappear by 2030? • Garden birds; even though it's mild should we keep feeding them?

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Ridgeway Magazine Pick of 2019

John Shepherd and Andy Venton look back at some of the best bits of the programmes from 2019…

Join us for Ridgeway Magazine on Wednesdays at 11am

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Ridgeway Magazine Christmas edition

• Meet our new gardening expert – Ruth Hayes, gardening editor of 'Amateur Gardening' who will be answering listeners' questions next year • We explore the history of two seasonal pieces of music, 'The 12 Days of Christmas' and the carol 'Silent Night' • The police woman's story. How, despite outright sexism and gender obstructiveness Carole Phillips made it from lowly PC to Superintendent • Retired vet and author tells us it's 'All in a Christmas Day's work for a vet' and advises against over-indulging pets at Christmas where a treat might seriously damage their health

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Ridgeway Magazine 4th Dec 2019

The story of two farms; Tumbledown Farm has been returned to Weymouth Town Council. Ideas needed to make something of its 30 acres. Green and clean activities perhaps? • Fancys Farm is a popular petting farm on Portland with animals including wallabies and alpacas but severe weather has made it short of funds. It needs help • The Dorset Police rural crime squad and NFU insurers discuss measures to combat equipment theft • The history of the potato crisp – 400 different flavours from kipper to turkey dinner • Prue Leith talks about her favourite food.

In the feature about the … 🔊 Click here to listen to this programme…

Ridgeway Magazine 20th Nov 2019

The Mini is 60 years old – its evolution is full of stories • Two authors with new books on the show today – Sir Tim Waterstone and Dom Joly • a report on Weymouth's harbour consultation • and John drives a steam train! • Oh, and we go to church in the USA with a resume of the roadside signs to tempt you inside and the strange names given to churches and chapels

John Shepherd and Dom Joly

John Shepherd at Drop In Session

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Ridgeway Magazine 6th Nov 2019

At this time of Remembrance we discover dissatisfaction in the ranks over the demobilisation of four million soldiers. Was dear old Blighty really a land for returning heroes? • Author and journalist Simon Heffer talks about WW1's badly behaved leading personalities coupled with views of life on the Home Front, particularly the role of women • In 'Pet Patter' retired vet and author Malcolm Welshman brings us another tale from the vet's surgery • Do you know the difference between compost and mulch? Naomi from Poundbury Gardens explains

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Ridgeway Magazine 23rd Oct 2019

The first six months of the new Dorset Council – has it lived up to expectations. We have views from councillors and the local democracy reporter Trevor Bevins • Long serving town and county councillor Kate Wheller explains why she quit Labour to become an independent • What has become of the red telephone box? Just 70 left in Dorset but you can buy or rent one • In conversation with Alexander McColl Smith author of the "Number 1 Ladies' Detective Agency" and 100 other books!

Ridgeway Magazine is broadcast on Wednesdays at 11am.

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Ridgeway Magazine 9th Oct 2019

Popular phrases we use daily – where did they come from? "Simples!" • Take a STAND, the campaign against 3,500 new homes for Dorchester's "garden village" • Weymouth's BID announces more plans to build business for the town • We visit the Nothe Fort and experience 1940s shopping and a school classroom to teach children about the war years • By bus pass from Lands End to John O'Groats – he did it and raised money for charity • Politicians' insults….to each other! • Another tale from Malcolm Welshman's 'Pet Patter'. Presented by John Shepherd and Andy Venton

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